My name’s Rose, and I have always had big dreams I wanted to achieve in life like one day being a confident, well-known writer— I used to let many things halt my process into becoming the person I dreamt of being and avoided the things I’ve wanted to do. I’ve had the fear (and sometimes still do) of judgment from others, but knowing the things I desire are bigger than me and others around me.

I’m learning to practice mindfullness, meaning staying in the present. There are many time where I become so obsessed with the future that I forget to live my life in the current moment. I know  thethings I want, what I hope to become and the people I hope to be around one day does take time. It’s not about me daydreaming about my future or even fearing what others think of me. It’s about believing and having faith in myself and abilities to achieve.

My love for writing and blogging used to always be on my mind, but when it transferred to my heart, I knew I had to pursue this dream. Of course, it was scary at first because I feared negative opinions from others, but what I have to offer is something God made sure was specially and uniquely for me and all I had to do was have faith.

So, please I hope you all will follow me through my blogging journey as I make sure to discuss many topics on what I go through and what you could possibly go through. I hope to be a positive voice for anyone needing advice or anyone hoping to know that there’s someone out there who truly understands.